Revolutionary step-by-step approach firms muscles and torches fat!

Back in the day, riding was all about FREEDOM: pedaling down the street with the wind in your hair. NOW it’s about weight loss, too: Spend an hour on your bike and you can burn over 500 calories — twice as many calories as walking! Let the fat burning begin with Bike Your Butt Off!, the step-by-step cycling and nutrition plan that can help you steadily and healthfully lose the weight you want — even if you haven’t been on a bike in years! It’s step-by-step easy!


Bike Your Butt Off! can put you on the path to steady, turbocharged weight loss that doesn’t mean going hungry, depriving yourself, or sapping your energy. Let Bike Your Butt Off! lead the way with …

• Easy-does-it weight loss—inside OR on the road!

Whether you’re ready to dust off your old mountain bike, hit the road with a cool new ride, OR pound the pedals on a stationary bike indoors, Bike Your Butt Off! leads the way to high-speed weight loss in just 12 weeks. Watch those pounds melt away as your muscles and joints embrace the fluid motion of cycling—anytime, anywhere!

 Energy-booster foods that power every mile!

We want you to EAT! The Bike Your Butt Off! nutrition plan is packed with delicious foods designed to power your rides while fueling weight loss. World-renowned sports dietitian Leslie Bonci reveals easy tricks to eat smarter without denying yourself … snacks for before, during, and after a ride … foods that support joint health … and more!

• Nonstop inspiration on every page

You’ll follow 8 men and women as they follow the Bike Your Butt Off! program. You’ll see what worked for them, how they overcame obstacles, and the thrilling “wow” moments that changed their lives!

• Pro advice that helps you ride safer, stronger, longer

Even if you’re a beginner, Bike Your Butt Off! can keep you on track with customized advice from licensed USA Cycling coach Selene Yeager. You’ll learn the correct way to start and stop, shift gears, ride in a group, safely navigate traffic, and more. Now get out there and let the fat burning begin!

SELENE YEAGER is a licensed USA Cycling coach, certified personal trainer, studio cycling instructor, and semi-professional mountain bike racer for Team CF. In addition to doling out training advice as Bicycling magazine’s “Fit Chick” for over 14 years, Selene is the author of Get Fast! and Ride Your Way Lean, among other titles.

LESLIE BONCI, MPH, RD, CSSD, LDN, works at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center with clients ranging from average Joes looking to lose weight to pro athletes. Leslie is the author of Walk Your Butt Off!, Run Your Butt Off!, and The Active Calorie Diet.

“I can’t believe I lost weight over the holidays… What a concept!” —Carol Malazita, 56

Carol came to us tired of the weight loss roller coaster that she’d been riding for the past 20 years. Her biggest problem: She hated to exercise. Making matters worse, abdominal surgeries and stress fractures in her feet made traditional exercise plans painful.

“I decided I could tackle bike riding, even with stress fractures in my feet. As long as I wear the orthotics in my sneakers, I’m good to go.”

Carol thrived on the structure and specificity of the program. “I liked that it gave me instruction on how hard I should be working and for how long,” she explains.

The one-two punch of getting stronger and shedding pounds has left Carol feeling better than she has in years. “My back doesn’t hurt. My knees don’t hurt. I feel great and have lots of energy. The biggest change is how much I enjoy it all. I used to hate exercise. Now I really like it. It’s changed my life.”

Read more of Carol's inspiring story on page 120 of Bike Your Butt Off!
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